sabato 28 ottobre 2017

Pattaya Tai (South) II parte

is the southern director of Pattaya, starts from Beach Rd and ends in Sukhumvit. Crossing soi Buacow, 2nd and 3rd Rd.Very busy during the day, there is the temple of Wat Chai Mongkol, a very busy school, the Tukcom, a market open 24h / 24 especially for various foodstuffs, the Friendship, some restaurants, many shops, many dental clinics.After the crossing with the third way to Sukhumvit you will find one of the few petrol stations in town

è la direttrice sud di Pattaya,inizia dalla Beach Rd e termina nella Sukhumvit.Incrocia soi Buacow,2nd e 3rd Rd.Molto trafficata di giorno,si trova il tempio di Wat Chai Mongkol,una scuola molto frequentata,il Tukcom,un mercatino aperto 24h/24 soprattutto per cibarie varie,il Friendship,qualche ristorante,molti negozi,molti ambulatori dentistici.Dopo l incrocio con la terza strada in direzione Sukhumvit trovate uno dei pochi distributori di benzina in città

2nd Second Road Pattaya IV parte

The 2nd Road is parallel to the walking street and beach road towards the sea and is parallel to the 3rd Road, starting from the intersection of Pratumnak road with Pattaya Tai up to the dolphin roundabout branching off Naklua, Pattaya Nua (North) and the third road .Incrocia Pattaya Klang (Center) and the soi from 14 to 1 following the course of march.Percorable from Pattaya Tai (South) to Pattaya Nua (North) It runs only one-way, is the main hub of the city. the hours especially from tuk tuk, you find practically everything, shopping centers, restaurants, beer bars and complexes, theaters, etc

venerdì 27 ottobre 2017

My Friend You Bar soi6 Pattaya

Mod's Bar SoI6 Pattaya

BraIsNotDead Summer 08

ToLike Genola 07nov09

HBD Simone 30nov08

Cena di Leva 1965 29nov08

Autumn08 Bar Piper Bra

BraIsNotDead 22oct08 HBD Irene

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XMAS Lucky Love Bar Soi6 Pattaya

Halloween Lucky Love Bar Soi6 Pattaya

Lucky Love Bar Soi6 Pattaya

Lucky Love Bar Soi6 Pattaya II parte

La La Land Bar Soi6 Pattaya

Full Moon Bar Soi6 Pattaya

Kiss Kool Bar Soi6 Pattaya