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Mike Shopping Mall Beach Road Pattaya

Beach Road Oct12 by Cristian Scoccia

Beach Road
Ottobre 2012 by Cristian Scoccia


is located in the city center, near shopping centers, hotels and bars. The seafront is called Beach road. From the roundabout called the dolphin, where the 2nd Road, Pattaya Nua (North) converge and Naklua Rd, up to the beginning of Walking Street. It runs only in a single direction in an anti-clockwise direction. The Beach Road is crossed perpendicularly from the soi ranging from 1 to 14 progressively following the direction of travel.Soi 6-7-8 are famous for the numerous beer bars. At the corner of the 9th you will find the main police station and the Central festival, the largest shopping center in the city. At the height of the 11th the mall Mike shopping mall In soi 13/2 (soi post office) you will find the post office and the Royal Garden shopping center. To the side a pedestrian street Pattaya City Walk with a permanent market. The next and neighboring areas are mainly for gays (Boyz Town) and for those looking for LadyBoy
 Very crowded during the day for walking and shopping.There are many shops, major shopping centers, stalls.Often for important events are set up markets.After 23 the lights go out and becomes a less pleasant area, with many / i prostitutes / s of questionable level and certain danger, and not only that.Beinteso stationed prostitutes even at all hours of the day ..... in an ironic way the promenade was in fact renamed Coconut Bar ...... From summer 2013 are reconstruction work has been carried out according to many avoidable and not yet completed

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Tiffany's Show Pattaya - 2nd Road

2nd Second Road Pattaya III parte

The 2nd Road is parallel to the walking street and beach road towards the sea and is parallel to the 3rd Road, starting from the intersection of Pratumnak road with Pattaya Tai up to the dolphin roundabout branching off Naklua, Pattaya Nua (North) and the third road .Incrocia Pattaya Klang (Center) and the soi from 14 to 1 following the course of march.Percorable from Pattaya Tai (South) to Pattaya Nua (North) It runs only one-way, is the main hub of the city. the hours especially from tuk tuk, you find practically everything, shopping centers, restaurants, beer bars and complexes, theaters, etc

La 2nd Road è parallela alla walking street ed alla beach road in direzione mare ed è parallela alla 3rd Road,parte dall incrocio di Pratumnak road con Pattaya Tai fino alla rotonda del delfino dove si diramano Naklua,Pattaya Nua(North) e la terza strada.Incrocia Pattaya Klang(Center) e le soi dalla 14 alla 1 seguendo il corso di marcia.Percorribile da Pattaya Tai(South) a Pattaya Nua(North) Si percorre solo a senso unico,è lo snodo principale della città.Trafficata a tutte le ore soprattutto da tuk tuk,vi trovate praticamente di tutto,centri commerciali,ristoranti,beer bar e complex,teatri,etc